This Book Series is a Must for Mastering the ECG!

This Book Series is a Must for Mastering the ECG!

I found this series of books at the beginning of paramedic school and ever since I have been promoting these books hard. I want to break up this review between the two books so you can get a feel for both of them. 

Unlike any other 12 Lead ECG book I’ve found, this book shows a complete and clear 12 lead ECG. Even if you have figured out 12 leads you can go back to this book to brush up your skills in the future. Absolute must to keep in your library! 

The way the book is set up is in Levels 1,2,3 of learning. Very organized and colour coded so you don't get lost. Once you finish level 1 pages you go back to the beginning of the book to complete level 2 and likewise for level 3. (If you get passed level 3 call me and tell me how) Level 3 is very advanced. You’ll know more about 12 Lead ECGs by the end of level 2 than about 90% of the paramedics out there. 

The author writes in a very personable way, so you don’t feel as if you're reading a medical textbook, very refreshing. Explains everything clearly as well. 

The only down side is it opens up strange, let me explain. Because the ECG is longer then it is tall. The pictures fit on the page long ways. So the whole book you're actually flipping the pages up as opposed to the left like a normal book. I just found it challenging when studying at a small desk. 

You can buy this book from amazon by clicking here 12-Lead Ecg: The Art Of Interpretation


So the 4 Lead ECG book is quite a bit different than the 12 lead book. It is however essential if you want to move to the 12 lead ECG book in the future. This book is more in textbook format. It is well laid out and gives you great incite and understanding. It is also written in the same tone as the 12 lead ECG book.

Downfall is it certainly reads like a text book. However still the best 4 lead ECG text book I have found and recommended, and like I said earlier it is essential. The book organizes rhythms into easy to follow “rules” for quick recognition. By the end of this text you will be effective in ECG interpretation and ready to impress your preceptors! Enjoy!

You can buy this book from amazon here Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art Of Interpretation 


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