Staying Focused While Studying

Studying isn’t the most fun thing in the world. That’s why the old joke is that you can’t spell studying without “dying.” When you’re studying, it’s very easy to get distracted. Things like Facebook, Instagram, and talking to friends are obvious distractions. However, many people get distracted by seemingly important tasks like doing the dishes. Here are some ways to stay focused while studying.


Make a Timetable

Set aside specific times to study. Pencil it into your calendar or add it to your phone reminders like an appointment so you don’t skip it. Making a study schedule that coordinates with your study goals (see below) can help keep you on track and focused so you can review everything you need to.


Find a Distraction-Free Place

Go wherever you are least distracted. If you study best when sitting at your desk in your room, sit there. If you can’t focus while you’re in your house, get out and study somewhere else. Visit your school or local library, or head to a coffee shop with tables and WiFi. You could even find a co-working space to rent for the day if you really needed to.


Set Study Goals

Setting specific goals can make studying seem more manageable once you hit them. It breaks it down into smaller pieces so it doesn’t seem so daunting and overwhelming. Decide you’re going to read a certain number of pages or solve a certain number of problems, then work until you hit that goal.


Take Breaks

It’s impossible to truly stay focused for hours on end without so much as a break. Studies have shown that taking a few minutes every hour to rest is one of the best ways to stay focused. When you hit your study goals, take a short break. Try to step away from the computer and move a little bit. 

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