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100 Patient Scenarios

100 Patient Scenarios

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Dive into a collection of meticulously crafted patient scenarios designed to elevate the training experience for paramedic and EMT students.


Each scenario in this guide is crafted based on real-world situations, ensuring that students are not only tested on their theoretical knowledge but also on their practical application and decision-making skills. This book aims to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life emergency situations.


For educators, it offers a robust tool to challenge, engage, and prepare their students for the realities of their profession. In an ever-evolving field where every second counts, "100 Patient Scenarios" is the resource educators have been waiting for to ensure their students are ready for any challenge.


Exclusive Bonuses! For educators who purchase "100 Patient Scenarios" we’re offering private access to:

  • Two immersive video scenarios.
  • Build your own scenarios with our scenario builder.
  • A masterclass on budget-friendly patient simulation.
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